YEELEN PARAPHARMA L.L.C LEADING PARTNER FOR INNOVATIVE WELLBEING ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Launched, the first natural chewable toothpaste made in France to be used without water nor Brush.



Environment: commitment to the planet.

The blue planet turns red: The climate emergency and the water issue

Is it too late to change things? Our land is suffering, this is an alarming finding. Climate change, melting glaciers, rising temperatures and drought, pollution and the disappearance of entire ecosystems. These facts do not lead to optimism.

The dangers currently occurring are closely linked to the over exploitation of natural resources, with water at the top of the list.

The waste of this vital resource begins in everyday actions:

  • Too long a shower,
  • Frequent washing of clothes,
  • Etc

Simply turning off the tap while brushing your teeth would save a country like UAE, 1 million liters of water a year.

Awareness is absolutely necessary on the part of citizen but also of businesses, which can act at all levels.

For more than 10 years, this Innovation has offered an eco-responsible and non-impacting alternative at the service of hygiene for everyone and the Planet.

FRESCORYL: an accessible, waterless solution to prolong everyone’s survival.

  • FRESCORYL is the first natural Chewable toothpaste to be used without Water nor Brush in addition to brushing your teeth the classic way.
  • With a dry form, it does not require the use of water, which in no way calls into question its effectiveness.
  • The sustainable approach (Sustainable, Economic, Ecological) initiated by the French laboratory is finding a favorable response today, in the context that we all know. This “nomadic” and simplified approach to dental care can be compared to the desire to protect this endangered commodity.

United Arab Emirates residents use up to 550 litres of water per day by resident (international average is 170-300 per day, making it 82 per cent higher than the world average).

The Proof by numbers, Frescoryl saves between 5 to 10 liters for each dental treatment (classic with toothbrush).

A Population of 100 000 who use Frescoryl once a day for 365 days would save between 75 and 365 million liters of Water.

(In Parallel, the essential need for water for an adult is 1.5 liters per day.)

Saving between 75 and 365 million liters is equivalent to the consumption of population of 50 to 200 million people per year (equivalent to the consumption of drinking water in a Country like France or Germany during a year).

By using our tablet, the Citizens of the World can substantially reduce their Water Consumption and adopt an eco-responsible behavior in line with current environmental issues.
In developed Countries, water is overconsumed, like the United States which uses 600 liters of Water per day and per capita.

In Southern countries, it is rare: 10 liters of water are consumed per man per day in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Solutions exist to reduce inequalities while allowing access to dental care for everyone.

One of them fits in your hand and weight less than a gram!