“All those who eat outside the home share the same problem of being unable to clean their teeth”


The first Toothpaste that doesn’t need a toothbrush and Water!

A Frescoryl Innovation:

Frescoryl is the very first toothpaste in tablet form Made in France.

This innovation improves customers’ experience by enhancing wellbeing and freshness anywhere and at anytime:

  • Innovative and practical product
  • Clean teeth and fresh breath after meals
  • Reduction of water consumption = sustainable product

To be used in addition to brushing your teeth the classic way. Contains neither fluoride nor paraben. Refreshes the breath.

Yeelen Para-Pharma L.L.C, leading partner for Innovative Wellbeing, launched the very first Toothpaste in tablet, Made in France.
100% natural formulas, free from paraben, fluoride and preservatives, made from plant-based ingredients and vegan.
Do not give to children under 5 years old
(risk of false route).

Our Products

Flowpack Toothpaste Tablet Mint

Flowpack Toothpaste Tablet Lemon

Flowpack Toothpaste Tablet Strawberry

Box of 50 units Mint

Box of 100 units Mint

Natural Mouth Spray

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