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3 reasons to replace toothpaste in a tube

Throughout the day, upon waking up in the morning, after lunch break and in the evening, we care about our oral hygiene. Brushing our teeth is a habit that we all have and which is an integral part of our routines. Obviously, toothpaste is the flagship of this dental treatment. We buy considerable amounts of toothpaste year after year due to daily consumption. However, toothpastes in tubes are not always very recommendable because of a composition that is harmful to health and the environment, in addition to packaging that is very often not recyclable. Today, we present you 3 reasons to replace your tube toothpaste for more responsible alternatives.

Why replace tube toothpaste?

1. Make a gesture for the planet

The toothpaste tube, like many products that we consume daily, generates waste that will take years to degrade. When you buy toothpaste, it is sold in a cardboard box and then in a plastic tube. Although cardboard packaging can be recycled, the tube and cap can take up to 1000 years to degrade. Toothpaste sold in tubes is therefore a major source of pollution that could easily be avoided by adopting good habits.

2. Fight against waste

You will understand, the toothpaste tube is a product that goes against a zero-waste approach and respect for the environment. But, the observation is not limited to that. When we brush our teeth two to three times a day, we are consuming water, sometimes even more than necessary. And what about the toothpaste that we leave in the tube that we throw away. All of this put together generates a significant amount of waste that could be avoided very easily.

3. A not so clean composition

We will now talk about the subject of the composition of the toothpaste sold in a tube and once again the results are not positive. Few people are interested in the substances and products that make up our toothpaste and yet this should alarm us. First of all, classic toothpaste consists of fluoride, which has interesting properties to fight against cavities, but which alters tooth enamel and can have harmful effects on the nervous system. You can also find paraben which can be carcinogenic although it is present in many cosmetics. Many other products are also present in toothpaste: triclosan, an endocrine disruptor, sodium saccharin which provides the sweet taste, and titan dioxide which is potentially dangerous for health. It is therefore obvious that toothpaste in a tube is anything but natural and above all can be very dangerous for our health.

The Frescoryl alternative: Toothpaste Powder

It may seem difficult to find an alternative to the tube toothpaste that we have used for many years, but yet the task is so easy. Today, many brands offer natural alternatives that are respectful of your health and the environment.

Frescoryl has chosen to offer you healthy and natural products to accompany you on a daily basis. With biodegradable packaging and ranges composed of natural ingredients, Frescoryl toothpaste is your new ally for your oral care. The composition of these powder toothpastes is much better than that of tube toothpastes since the toothpaste, without fluoride, does not contain any harmful chemicals. With more than 90% natural ingredients, Frescoryl toothpaste is available in 3 flavors, each equally fresh, to give you pleasant breath all day long. In addition to a clean composition, the toothpaste offers your teeth a radiant whiteness thanks to the sodium bicarbonate and does not alter the enamel.

From an early age, it is important to pass on the right gestures and this now involves the use of quality, zero-waste products. Eliminating the plastic tube of toothpaste from your consumption is an eco-responsible gesture that allows you to save big money but also preserves your health.

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